Clouds Clear For Harpenden Carnival 2009: 407pm Sunday

Clouds clear for Harpenden carnival

4:07pm Sunday 17th May 2009 Morning rain and the recession failed to dampen organisers’ optimism at the Harpenden Carnival today and within a few
hours the predicted clear skies and hundreds of guests appeared. The Harpenden Round Table carnival and procession, this year themed around a respect for the Earth, brought performers from across the area, including pipers, majorettes, athletic dogs and bicycle stunts. Stalls of food and gifts lined the sides of the arena as families joyfully folded away their umbrellas and took part in the fundraising and fun. Other activities included a game of giant ten pin bowling and a procession of children and adults in recycling and planet earth themed outfits, including a gorilla costume. Iain Sinnott, chairman of the carnival committee, said that despite previous years raising up to

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