Coastal Crusade 2023

Coastal Crusade: Driving for Motor Neurone Disease.

Motor Neurone Disease (MND), also known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), is a devastating neurological disorder that progressively impairs the function of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. This degenerative condition leads to the deterioration of voluntary muscle movement, impacting speech, swallowing, and eventually, breathing. MND not only affects the physical abilities of individuals but also poses immense emotional, social, and financial burdens on both patients and their families. With no known cure, raising awareness, supporting research, and providing comprehensive care and support are crucial in improving the quality of life for those affected by this debilitating disease.

One organization dedicated to making a difference in the lives of individuals with Motor Neurone Disease is Drive for MND. Committed to raising funds and awareness, they work tirelessly to support research initiatives, provide essential equipment and services, and offer a helping hand to individuals and families affected by this challenging condition.

Gear up for an exciting and impactful event as Drive for MND presents Coastal Crusade. This upcoming fundraising initiative invites participants to embark on an epic coastal adventure, raising funds and awareness for Motor Neurone Disease while enjoying the stunning scenery and camaraderie along the way.

Driving to support people living with Motor Neurone Disease

Thank you for supporting the Drive for MND crew on this year’s event, the ‘Coastal Crusade’.

Held from Friday 10th – Sunday 12th November 2023, we will travel from Perth to Jurien Bay for our major fundraising event on night one. We’d love to tell you more but, the rest of the Drive is a mystery where you will be led by a series of clues or in convoy to each stop – visiting local towns, attractions and meeting people in the communities along the way. The journey is suitable for any road-worthy vehicle, all you need to do is gather your mates, family or colleague and sign up! You can register via the link at the bottom of the page.

Now in it’s 11th year, Drive for MND is the flagship fundraising event for Care Cure Support LTD (CCS) our Health promotion Charity. The funds raised from the event go towards helping to Care for people living with Motor Neurone Disease (MND), whilst investing in research to find a Cure for MND and providing Support to the families of people living with MND. 100% of every dollar received by CCS goes directly to where it is needed – Research and Equipment.

Create your team fundraising page to help us raise much needed funds for people living with MND and if you haven’t registered yet, click ‘register now’ to register your team. If you have any questions email [email protected].

Join the Coastal Crusade and drive change for Motor Neurone Disease. Register now and make a difference!

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