Coastal Walk with Heart

Heartfelt Steps: Coastal Walk with Heart 2024

Heart diseases, often lurking silently, claim countless lives each year. These conditions encompass a wide spectrum, from coronary artery disease to heart failure, and they affect individuals of all ages. Recognizing the importance of addressing this issue is paramount, as it calls for lifestyle modifications, early detection, and increased awareness to protect and nurture the hearts of those we cherish, ultimately striving for a world where heart diseases are preventable, manageable, and no longer a leading cause of mortality.

In the battle against heart diseases, organizations like the Heart Foundation stand as unwavering guardians of cardiovascular health. With unyielding dedication, they tirelessly work to fund groundbreaking research, advocate for heart-healthy lifestyles, and provide support to individuals and families affected by heart conditions, striving for a world where heart diseases no longer claim lives prematurely.

As we embark on the journey to combat heart diseases, it’s essential to spotlight an upcoming event that combines physical activity with philanthropy. The Heart Foundation is delighted to announce the “Coastal Walk with Heart,” a scenic adventure set to take place on November 12th. This coastal walk promises participants breathtaking views, camaraderie, and a chance to raise funds and awareness for the Heart Foundation’s vital work in cardiovascular research, prevention, and support.

Coastrek is Australia’s most iconic hiking challenge and our Sydney location is the crown jewel. The birthplace of Coastrek back in 2009, the Sydney route journeys along some of the most celebrated coastal trails in the world.

Fall in love with fitness when you hike 50km, 30km or 20km from Palm Beach to Balgowlah Heights. You’ll experience world-class beaches, pristine national parks, and views of the breathtaking Sydney coastline. Get out in nature, expand your comfort zone and do something great for your own health and happiness, while fundraising to help end heart disease.

Join thousands of trekkers in teams of four for an epic adventure of fun, fitness, friends and charity fundraising, proudly supporting the Heart Foundation.

Friday 3 May 2024
From 6am (50km), 8am (30km) & 12pm (20km)*

Sydney’s Northern Beaches
Palm Beach (50km), Narrabeen (30km), Long Reef (20km) to Balgowlah Heights

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Charity Organization Name:
National Heart Foundation of Australia
Event Location:
Sydney's Northern Beaches
New South Wales
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