ColderIces Chest To Save Breasts Charity Auction Raises Over 2000 2009: Colderices Chest

ColderIces Chest to Save Breasts charity auction raises over 2000

ColderIce’s Chest to Save Breasts, charity auction raises over $2000.
Last night John Lawson, aka ColderIce with the help of other podcasters and friends, raised over $2000 on eBay for the fight against breast cancer. The very generous winning bidder of the auction was Melinda of Galleria Gifts on eBay. Here’s a link to her eBay store, she certainly deserves a visit! Melinda paid $760 for the privledge of having her logo printed on a shirt to be worn by John at the Pesa conference. John is a podcaster, video blogger and well known ecommerce personality who will do a great job getting Melinda’s ad in front of thousands of people. In addition to the winning bid on John’s “chest ad”, he raised just over $1,300 in smaller donations on eBay for this cause as well, bringing the total to just over $2,000! It warms ya up a bit to see all the people that pushed this event. Many podcasters and ecommerce vendors showed up in on my radio show and John’s video podcast last night to have one heck of a great time to call the bids in as the auction closed. As everyone left the chat room, there was talk about other podcasters doing charity events, so this was an inspiration to many. If you think micro efforts can’t make a difference, don’t ever tell a podcaster that!
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