Concert Benefits Leukemia And Lymphoma Society 2009: 2268364339the Doctors

Concert benefits Leukemia and Lymphoma Society

“The doctors walked in and said you probably won’t be alive in a year and a half,†said leukemia patient Jerry Weaver.
Thirty years later Jerry is still here, alive and well. He has leukemia but has been in remission for many years. “You know what, all I can say is for all the cancer people, people with leukemia, there is still hope”, Jerry said. “So many young people are being diagnosed with this each and every day. And help support their families and help them get cured. So this is very important and i want to raise as much money to make that happen,†said Troy Mayor Harry Tutunjian.
For Mayor Titunjian, raising money wasn’t the only way in showing support for the cause. He made a promise, one promise that would save him some extra time in the morning.

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