Coopersville Will Not Donate To Red Ribbon Antidrug Event 2009: Coopersville Tie

Coopersville will not donate to Red Ribbon antidrug event

COOPERSVILLE — A tie vote means the city will not financially support Red Ribbon Week, an anti-drug campaign run by Circle of Friends.
The city donated $100 in each of the past several years, with some opposition on the City Council. This year, with one member absent, the council voted 3-3 to send a donation. Council member Bradley Sprague contends the city should not contribute to “charity.” Members Larry Crandle and Charlie Vander Kolk joined him in opposition, adding that the Circle of Friends did not even ask for a donation this year. Red Ribbon Week is Oct. 18 to 24, with programs in the schools and ribbons to be distributed as reminders of the dangers of drug abuse. • •
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