Core Group Donates R300 000 To Local Charity 2009: Tomorrow Trust

Core Group donates R300 000 to local charity

The Tomorrow Trust benefits from iPod sales initiative Core Group handed over R300 000 to local charity, The Tomorrow Trust, at a media event
held last Thursday in their Sandton offices. The money was raised from proceeds of iPods sold by selected retailers in December 2008. The Tomorrow Trust is a South African NGO that supports the education of orphans and vulnerable children right up to their first pay-check. This is achieved through a number of Holiday Schools that support learners in grade 0 to 4 and grade 10 to 12. “We are not merely a bursary fund,†says Kim Feinberg, the CEO of The Tomorrow Trust and the bright spark behind many of their innovate education interventions, “rather, we have a holistic approach to seeing these young individuals educated and empowered, which includes providing them with food, transport, social workers, and weekly communication to find out how they are doing. Universities and colleges have a 50 percent drop-out rate, whereas our students all stick to their educational commitments. This is because we mentor and care for every student in the programme to ensure they see their education right through to graduation and beyond.†Kim Feinberg says the The Tomorrow Trust is delighted with the donation of R300 000 from Core Group. “This is a partnership that has been built over the past three years and one that we feel extremely grateful and privileged to have,†she adds.
Kim Feinberg says the money will be used to educate orphans and vulnerable children in the The Tomorrow Trust’s Post Secondary Department, assisting with fees and textbooks for both their college and university students.

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