Cricket Campus Rail Jam Tour 22683648220 USC RECAP! 2009: Asher Roth

Cricket Campus Rail Jam Tour 22683648220 USC RECAP!

Asher Roth must have gone to USC.
Sure, every college has kegs rollin’ around and red cups in the alleyways, but USC is the mecca. It would be no surprise if the music video for that “I Love College” song was filmed on a typical night at a typical party at USC. It’s crazy. People were even singing the song while stumbling down the street with fiesta beverages in their hands. Unfortunately, Asher Roth must have been writing lyrics for his next piece of genius, because he was nowhere to be seen. However, the electro duo LMFAO and Ghostland Observatory were in the house to keep things raging in typical college fashion. The decided to show up too, just long enough to spread the shred and get out….before they could get kicked out. The spring shred fest was part of the annual “Derby Days” charity event hosted by the Sigma Chi fraternity. There’s nothing like giving back to the LA Children’s Hospital with some good clean snow slidin’. Students were stoked/confused to say the least. Some people seemed the fear the huge mass of margarita spread throughout the street and stood a safe distance, snapping picture on their camera phones. Others thought a snowball fight was the right thing to do. Either way, everyone was stoked on the snow, stoked on the shredding, and stoked to be doing it all for charity. The two-plankers were out for blood the entire contest. They must have figured that since the season is over, there’s nothing to loose. Competitors were absolutely hucking themselves for the win. That was Sean Trotter’s plan, and everything turned out perfectly. Sean walked away in first place with some cash in his pockets. Christopher Faro was also following the same game plan, and took home second place and a new pair of . Abe Kislevitz rounded the field in third and walked away with some new Skullcandy headphones and a big ol’ smile! Yeah! Now that the crew has successfully spred the shred in seven states, it is time for the guys to head back to Oregon to prep for one more event on their home turf before the Portland Finals on May 30th! Be sure to check out for a live webcast of the finals from REELcomp!
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