Cricket Worries Neighbours David 2009: Former Neighbours

Cricket worries Neighbours David

The former Neighbours actor, who played Oliver Barnes, joined Len Goodman, Nigel Lythgoe and Julian Sands at the BritWeek charity match.
After his side’s victory, David said: “Actually I’m happy it’s over – I was so nervous, I didn’t actually realise how nerve-wracking cricket was until I played it.” He went on: “I don’t play a lot of cricket and when the ball comes to you, you have so much time to think about it usually. All you’re thinking is ‘just don’t stuff up’ and I did a couple of times. But that’s ok ’cause we won so all the focus is on that.” 24 star Julian said he was having “enormous fun” at the event. “It’s such a pleasure to be under a blue sky in a blue shirt and on a green field and playing for Britain, and in such a good-natured and worthwhile event, and raising awareness of cricket and raising money for the victims of the appalling fires in Australia,” he said. Nigel said: “I think everyone’s enjoying themselves. The weather’s fantastic – just right for cricket. “We’ve got a lovely crowd out there. The VIP tent is full – of alcohol!” he added.
David Hoflin was nervous about playing cricket at the charity match

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