DANII Foundation’s 12th Annual Jelly Bean Ball 2024

Make a Difference in Diabetes Support.

Diabetes is a widespread health concern affecting millions globally. This condition occurs when the body struggles to regulate blood sugar levels, leading to potential complications. With increasing cases, it’s crucial to address diabetes through awareness and proactive measures. Taking simple steps like adopting a balanced diet and regular exercise can make a significant difference in managing and preventing this condition.

In the pursuit of addressing diabetes, organizations like the DANII Foundation play a pivotal role. Committed to making a difference, DANII Foundation focuses on raising awareness, providing support, and driving research initiatives. Through their dedicated efforts, they empower individuals affected by diabetes, fostering a community that thrives on education and support. Collaborative endeavors with such charities are essential in combating the challenges posed by diabetes.

Continuing their impactful initiatives, the DANII Foundation is gearing up for their 12th Annual Jelly Bean Ball in 2024. This much-anticipated event promises an enjoyable evening filled with festivities, all while contributing to the foundation’s diabetes-focused endeavors. Scheduled to take place on June 15, the ball serves as both a celebration and a platform for fundraising. Here are the details for an evening of camaraderie and support.

Event description
The DANII Foundation is a distinguished charitable organization dedicated to supporting individuals impacted by Type 1 Diabetes (T1D). It was established following Daniella Meads Barlow’s tragic passing due to Dead in Bed Syndrome (DIBS), a phenomenon linked to ineffective blood sugar regulation in those living with T1D during sleep.

Better, safer living through technology

Our mission is preventing DIBS and enhancing T1D individuals’ safety. We raise T1D awareness, lobby for affordable access to advanced technologies like Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM) and Insulin Pumps and educate the public. The DANII Foundation aims to alleviate the fear of not waking up, striving for an improved quality of life within the T1D community.

The DANII Annual Ball includes:

3-course Meal, Music & Entertainment, Live & Silent Auctions; Beer, Wine, Soft Drink, Dancing & so much More…


We are looking forward to welcoming you – We hope you will join us!

To participate in this meaningful event and contribute to the DANII Foundation’s cause, simply register through the provided link. Your registration not only grants access to the 12th Annual Jelly Bean Ball but also directly supports diabetes awareness, research, and support initiatives.

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DANII Foundation
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Hyatt Regency Sydney
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