Deaf Parenting UK Conference 2008

Deaf Parenting UK Conference 2008: Empowering, Enabling and Supporting Deaf parents

Deaf Parenting UK Conference 2008: Empowering, Enabling and Supporting Deaf parents.

Deaf Parenting UK are delighted to host their Annual Deaf Parenting Conference 2008 on Saturday 4th October 2008, Birmingham.

Sabina Iqbal, Chair/Founder of Deaf Parenting UK explained: As 90% of Deaf children comes from hearing families and when they grow up into adults and become parents and yet very little resources and support is available to them in an accessible format. This is particularly noticeable as Deaf Adults have a 90% chance of having hearing children where access is a real issue.

The following is common in Deaf parents daily lives, as services offered to Deaf parents are sometimes non-existent, very limited or patchy as compared to those available to hearing parents:

Deaf parents are unable to access mainstream information, including maternity, parenting skills classes, midwives or health visitors. Deaf parents find it difficult to access to childcare, nursery or participate in primary and secondary school life adequately due to staff inability to communicate in sign language or because of lack of Deaf awareness. This has in turn prevented Deaf parents of their human right to participate fully in their family lives.

Sabina added: The conference will have decision-makers from Government and that is a fantastic opportunity for all of us as Deaf parents and professionals to put forward questions, influence and raise issues on the needs of Deaf parents and what can Government do to ensure that Deaf parents/ families have equal access to all services without barriers.

The conference provides an exciting programme of speakers and workshops as well as crche with fun activities for children of Deaf parents. This is also an excellent opportunity for you all to meet with other Deaf parents, families and professionals, to work together of how we can move forward toward empowering, enabling and supporting Deaf parents.

Limited places, please book early to avoid disappointment.

If you want to know more about the conference or to book your place, please contact us at Deaf Parenting UK on

Asif Iqbal

Media/Projects Manager for Deaf Parenting UK


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