Denis Leary Former Supermodel! 2009: Heres Rescue

Denis Leary Former Supermodel!

Here’s “Rescue Me” star Denis Leary at an event in NYC (left) — and ’70s supermodel and “American Gigolo” star Lauren Hutton at a
charity event a little while back (right). Only one was rumored to have a lesbian relationship with Julie Christie. We’re just sayin’. 1. First Again 2. holy crap… they do look alike…. they seem like twins 3. Damn jp you st00pid 4. oh my lord that is hilarious!!!! i was just thinking to myself yesterday that denis leary has pretty cool hair for an older dude. now i know why…its cuz he is a supermodel!!! is a cool site check it out! 5. Everyone should know Denis Leary is a joke thief. Practically all of the entire album No Cure For Cancer as well as a lot of other material was stolen from the actual original performer, Bill Hicks. If you don’t believe me, Google Denis Leary Bill Hicks Joke Thief and see what comes up. As many comedians will flat out tell you Leary is a thief. Members enter your username and password.
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