Dissecting Galactrix 2009: Entertaining Passionate

Dissecting Galactrix

The always entertaining and passionate games designer Steve Fawkner will be providing a special behind-the-scenes perspective on the making of Puzzle Quest: Galactrix at
the first Dissecta meeting for 2009 next week. Held at the State Library of Victoria from 6.30pm, Steve will cover topics including how the team at Melbourne’s Infinite Interactive went about creating a sequel for the smash hit Puzzle Quest, what went wrong during the development process, and how (despite frequent complaints to the contrary) your artificial-intelligence opponents do not cheat. The event, which will include hands-on play with Galactrix, will be the first Dissecta held since the of founder Tim Richards. Appropriately, it also coincides with Australian Organ Donation Awareness Week. Dissecta is free to attend but bookings are essential. A donation to Tim’s charity of choice – The Alfred Foundation – could also be in order. Details can be obtained from the . See you there.
Can’t wait for some more PQ

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