Document Your Memories 2009: National Scrabooking

Document your memories

To mark National Scrabooking Day Creative Memories consultant Sam Cox from Portishead held an open day at Redcliffe Bay Hall.
The pastime that involves organising your photo backlog in a scrapbook-style memory album has become extremely popular in UK over the past year. Sam said: “The turnout for the open day was great, with more than 20 people completing their own pages and reliving precious memories. “In total we managed to preserve 93 pages of fantastic memories ranging from births, and holidays to family trees.” The event also included a raffle to raise funds for the Make a Wish Foundation. Sam holds scrapbooking parties in people’s homes, does charity events, organises workshops and has even been asked to do children’s parties. Anyone interested in finding out more about scrapbooking can call her on 01275 848544.

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