E3 Returns With A Slew Of Charity Events In Tow 2009: E3 Bigger

E3 returns with a slew of charity events in tow

E3 is back bigger and better than ever this year, and along with all the fanfare are a couple of other really awesome additions
in the form of the presence of several charities. The ESA formally announced tat they are partnering up with “Pro vs. GI Joe.”, a nonprofit military support organization that sets up sets up real-time video game competitions that pit professional athletes against celebrities and military personnel stationed all over the world. You can catch these guys in one of several booths on the show floor. The American Red Cross will also be on hand at E3 for blood donation on June 4 from 10:00am – 4:00pm. You need an appointment to do this, so if you’re feeling generous and need a break from the show floor, head over to www.givelife.org to sign yourself up. Charity’s are the biggest pyramid scheme EVAR!

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