Eco-Volunteers For Plastic Waste Collection & Recycling

We need Volunteers to help us sort plastic waste

We are a volunteer group in Pandacan, Manila engaged in taking action to protect our environment. Currently, we are working on a plastic waste recovery and recycling initiative. We have succeeded in creating a collection/sorting system and getting industry partners to recycle plastic waste into useful bricks for recycling.

The challenge is to get ALL the barangays to participate. We have created a system with only our meryenda money for funds. This is proof that LGUs can implement the Solid Waste Management law with a dose of resourcefulness. We need volunteers so we can scale up. We need graphics designers, writers, social media specialists, educators, and coordinators.

Every fourth Saturday we sort through collected plastic waste that will then be picked up by an industry partner for recycling into pavers or bricks.

We collect and sort the following:

These items are not being collected by junk shops, and are normally just thrown mixed into trash.

laminates such as empty sachets and snack packaging

sando bags

plastic wrapping and packaging material

styro foam

used tetrapacks used plastic cups

Click here for more info:

Recycling: Where to Bring Plastic Waste in Manila

Please join the eco-volunteer group for easy communication - ups/167907150315574/


Potluck. Or you can take lunch at a nearby carinderia.

Bring hand sanitizer/alcohol and gloves/something to protect your hands.

Please takeresponsibility overtakingnote of dates and time as well as details of this volunteer opportunity.

Volunteer Slots are limited. Sign up only if you are SERIOUS and COMMITTED. If you back out at the last minute or ignore us when we contactyou, you are putting a good cause at risk of failing. Let us RESPECT one another.

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