Eden Sleep Out 2023

Experience empathy, make a change. Join Eden Sleep Out 2023 with St. Petrocs against homelessness.

Homelessness is a pressing issue that affects individuals and families across the globe. It occurs when people don’t have a stable place to live, often forcing them to sleep in public spaces, shelters, or temporary accommodations. The reasons for homelessness can vary widely, including job loss, mental health challenges, substance abuse, and high housing costs. It’s a complex problem that not only impacts a person’s basic need for shelter but also their overall well-being and opportunities. Addressing homelessness requires understanding its root causes and developing strategies to provide housing, support, and resources to those in need.

In the effort to combat homelessness, organizations like St. Petrocs play a crucial role. By offering assistance, shelter, and resources, St. Petrocs strives to make a positive difference in the lives of homeless individuals, working towards a society where everyone has a safe place to call home.

To further their mission, St. Petrocs is gearing up for an impactful event – the Eden Sleep Out 2023. This event not only raises awareness about homelessness but also invites individuals to experience a night without a permanent shelter, fostering empathy and solidarity while raising essential funds to support St. Petrocs’ initiatives.

Save the date and keep an eye out for more information about the 10th Anniversary of the Eden Sleepout. It’s going to be the best one yet!

Would you ‘Sleep Out’ for one night to help raise awareness of those experiencing rough sleeping? If so come join us at the Eden Project for an evening under the stars and help raise awareness and vital funds to help us support those experiencing homelessness in Cornwall.

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Please note, this event is for over 18s only.

Join us! Sign up for Eden Sleep Out 2023 to support St. Petrocs and fight homelessness together.

Charity Organization Name:
St. Petrocs
Event Location:
Eden Project, Bodelva, St Austell, PL24 2SG
United Kingdom
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