Elton John Oscars Party

Elton John Succeeds in Raising Millions for AIDS at Annual Oscars Party

A record figure of $5.1 million was raised by Elton John and the cavalcade of stars who attended his 16th annual Oscars Party.
Money went to the Elton John AIDS Foundation which since 1992 has raised over $125 million in support of AIDS programmes around the world.
Although the Elton John’s sworn nemesis, Madonna, decided to throw her own party and draw away a considerable number of guests, Elton John’s bash was still able to attract such names as Harrison Ford, Sharon Stone, Rupert Murdoch, Minnie Driver and Prince.
The Oscars Party incorporated the auctioning of a number of vintage items and it has been reported that at one point Elton John offered to lower his pants in order to maximise the level of bidder interest.

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