En Garde In Woodbridge For Charity 2009: Marks Anniversary

En garde in Woodbridge for charity

This week marks the second anniversary of Prince William Fencing Academy's opening, and to celebrate the occasion owner Lynda Moore decided to give back
to the community. "We decided to help SERVE," she said, referring to the local nonprofit, Securing Emergency Re-sources through Volunteer Efforts. "We found out at Christmas time they were not able to meet the needs of everybody who needed it. They were already taxed, and with the economy being bad, we knew they needed help." Plans to hold a charity tournament in conjunction with the two-year anniversary of the academy began in March, Moore said. "The entry fee was $25 in cash, gift cards or food," said Sarah Harrover, whose child fences at the academy and who helped Moore bring the charity tournament from idea to fruition. "So this doesn't just help SERVE raise money. It also helps with the pantry."

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