Everybody Counts For Annie Lennox 2009: Like International

Everybody counts for Annie Lennox

LIKE most international guests invited to the Logies, Annie Lennox had not previously heard of the event.
The former vocalist for legendary pop duo Eurythmics, she has sold tens of millions of albums in a career spanning more than 30 years. She was in Melbourne yesterday preparing to perform at Sunday’s Logies and to promote a greatest hits collection. Lennox is yet to tour Australia as a solo artist, and last visited a decade ago on a Eurythmics reunion tour. “If I didn’t have two teenage daughters (Lola and Tali) who I miss very much, I would stay longer,” she says. The The Annie Lennox Collection offers a chance to reflect on an extraordinary career.
“My first band, the Tourists, were an apprenticeship the Eurythmics were the real deal and my solo albums came as I had my children and I stepped back,” she says.

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