Evolution Of The Texas Open Nearly Complete 2009: Years Thirdoldest

Evolution of the Texas Open nearly complete

For the last two years, the third-oldest tournament on the PGA Tour was part of the Fall Series, the afterthought portion of the season
that is played following the Tour Championship. “I think it’s a huge achievement for this event, for (tournament director) Tony Piazza, and for Valero,” said Leonard, a native Texan who has won the tournament three times, the last in 2007. “I think a lot of it has to do with the money that they raise for charity and what they do in the community here really stepping up — the whole area, not just San Antonio, but the surrounding areas to step up and support this event the way they have.
“I think it’s kind of a salute to that, if you will, being able to move to the spring and, you know, it’s just going to make this an even better event.”

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