Exclusive Interview Look To The Stars Talks To Olivia NewtonJohn 2009: Grammy Awards

Exclusive Interview Look To The Stars Talks To Olivia NewtonJohn

With four Grammy Awards and a further eight nominations behind her, is nothing short of a legend in the music world.
Born in England but raised in Australia, Olivia was talented singer from a young age and passionate about music: she released her first solo album in 1971, and in 1974 represented the United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest. A long list of hits, including I Honestly Love You and Let Me Be There, led to her being cast as Sandy in the film version of Grease in 1978. The early 1980s were phenomenal years for the young star, and she had a string of hits including Xanadu, Let’s Get Physical, and Suddenly. But in 1992, on the eve of a world tour, Newton-John was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was the start of a long battle for the Grammy Award winning artist, but she eventually overcame the disease and returned to music. She also devoted herself to helping other cancer sufferers, and now plans to build the in Australia, which will provide complementary therapies to support patients on their cancer journey, treating mind and spirit as well as the body. The Wellness Centre is Olivia’s special passion, with a focus on the whole person and not just the disease. Look To The Stars was lucky enough to chat with Olivia about A Night To Make A Difference and her thoughts on making the world a better place. Hi Olivia, tell us a little about the Night To Make A Difference event. The Night To Make a Difference party is to benefit the and my own Olivia Newton-John Cancer and Wellness Center.
Leeza walked the Great Wall of China for my charity last year. She’s an amazing person and is committed to sufferers of Alzheimer’s Disease and the caregivers of those sufferers. She came up with the idea to do an Oscar party as a fundraising idea for our two charities. But now it has morphed into a bigger night than just our two charities – it’s about everybody’s philanthropy and giving back. It’s a new era in America with the new presidency, and it’s all about giving back, so we decided to make the night an evening about celebrity giving – like the theme of Look To The Stars.

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