Fight Breast Cancer With Innovative Nursing Solutions!

Innovative Nursing Solutions is holding this event to directly support an individual currently battling breast cancer.

Rochelle is a mother of four beautiful children and attended Georgia State University where she studied nursing. While she was a student, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer and was unable to finish her degree. After undergoing chemotherapy she was declared in remission until several months later when doctors discovered her cancer had metastasized, resulting in a new diagnosis of Stage 4 breast cancer. Rochelle continues to fight breast cancer daily and attributes her inner strength to the support of her family and faith in God.

All proceeds of the event will be given directly to Rochelle to support her battle with breast cancer. A prize will be given away at the online event!

Online Event:Sun, November 8, 2020

4:00 AM 5:00 AM PST

If you would like to contribute, but do not wish to participate in the event, please visit the GoFundMe page to donate:


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