Ford MPVs Support Charity Walkers 2009: Brentwood United

Ford MPVs Support Charity Walkers

BRENTWOOD, UNITED KINGDOM &ndash May 8, 2009: Walkers pounding 26 miles sporting their bras next weekend to raise money for charity will be helped
by a support crew in Ford S-MAX and Ford Galaxy MPVs provided by Ford of Britain. Due to attract around 15,000 participants the Playtex MoonWalks will be held in London (16 May) and Edinburgh (20 June), and the Playtex SunWalks in Bristol (5 July) and Newcastle (19 July). Nina Barough, CBE, Chief Executive and founder of Walk the Walk, the grant-making charity behind the Moon and Sun Walks said: “Ford has supported us for eight years on our flagship events and offered 44 vehicles in support this year. The Galaxy and S-MAX MPVs are perfect for the event and amongst other things will be busy transporting volunteers, taking hot drinks and food to those working through the night, transporting film crews and picking up the walkers who just can’t take another step. “The S-MAX and Galaxys are invaluable in helping us to leapfrog ahead of the walkers and generally act like a sheepdog with a flock of sheep to make sure they have all they need along the way.” Make Local Dealers Compete for your Business &mdash
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