Fox New Indictment In Stanford Ponzi Tomorrow Still Wont Be 2009: Not Everyone

Fox New Indictment In Stanford Ponzi Tomorrow Still Wont Be

But not everyone in the Stanford family cooperates, and tomorrow we may finally get some clarity on this bizarre scam in the form of
a “global indictment,” if reports from Fox Business News are accurate. Stanford himself still isn’t getting charged, though the feds are coming down again on his glamorous chief investment officer Laura Pendergest-Holt, who was already arrested and charged with obstruction of justice in the scheme — and last week The Fox clip, also after the jump. Laura Pendergest-Holt is the executive accused of misinforming SEC officials investigating Stanford earlier this year, and in some ways she has been as inscrutable as Stanford himself. From a new Texas Monthly the Stanford scheme: Here’s the CNBC segment from this morning: Well… ol’ R. Al has proven Ponzi schemes can be run by white-trash, Cadillac hillbillies as well as connected snoots of the Eastern Establishment. Take that, Bernie Madoff! Laura Pendergest-Holt, indeed. She looked especially glam for her perp-walk. There’s a movie in here, somewhere. CIA… flagrant plane trips… I don’t know why I’m surprised there IS a Venezuelan mafia! La Cosa Nostra Caracas. Sounds like a band! Only now does Stanford take refuge behind “the Agency.” Hmm. The guy did have a fleet of Gulfstream and other jets that passed frequently through Switzerland. The CIA likes jets. The guy did bankroll the Inter-American Economic Foundation, which has several rabid anti-Chavez figures in its leadership.
The guy did have a Stanford branch in Venezuela.

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