Free Home Hospice Orewa

The ‘Free Home for Hospice’ to be Auctioned at Orewa

A four-bedroom house that was built for no cost, the ‘Free Home for Hospice’, is to be auctioned at Orewa at 6pm on March 6.
Proceeds from the sale of the house, which are expected to be between $400000 and $750000, will go to Hibiscus Coast Hospice, to pay for a new in-patient unit.
GJ Gardner were responsible for organising the house’s construction, rallying more than 50 local tradespeople and suppliers to donate materials and skills, resulting in a house that was built for free.
The ‘Free Home for Hospice’ will be auctioned by New Zealand’s 2006 Auctioneering Champion, Phil McGoldrik, who is cutting short an Australian business trip to be in Orewa for the event.

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