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Friends of Asbestos Victim Raise Funds through Cooking

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Her friends have now formed a group called Cook for the Cure. Every Sunday they gather and prepare a meal, and those that attend the event to enjoy the food are asked to make a donation. The money is then given to Shanna to help her deal with the costly medical bills associated with her cancer. The event has only been going for a month so far, but already the Cook for a Cure dinners have managed to raise around eleven hundred pounds to help Shanna to pay for her medical care. Shanna was diagnosed with the peritoneal form of the cancer when she was just twenty years old. The Cook for a Cure group is now planning a charity bike ride to raise more money for Shanna’s medical care, and residents of Shanna’s hometown will be invited to attend the bike ride and barbeque. An entry fee of thirty dollars will cover the bike ride and barbeque, and will help to raise more funds for Shanna. Upcoming segments that you won’t want to miss include (all times CST): Â
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