Fundraiser Set For CancerSucksCom 2009: Bixby Ok

Fundraiser Set For CancerSucksCom

BIXBY, OK — Cancer Sucks is an expression we might all agree with, but might not say out loud in polite company.
One of the founders of the cancer charity, , doesn’t look like a banker and doesn’t operate a banker’s charity. “We’re not your grandmother’s charity maybe,” said Rick Horton. Rick Horton and his brother co-founded in honor of their mother Donna White who died of cervical cancer. “My mother died on the Wednesday before Mother’s Day,” said Rick Horton. That was in 1996. He and his brother took a motorcycle trip to clear their heads after that, all along they talked about her life, her death and how much they missed her. Cancer really sucks they said. was born right then. “Cancer Sucks actually became my therapy,” said Rick Horton.
They had a T-shirt printed to commemorate their ride. There have been dozens of events since then and each one had its own T-shirt. Of those, 60 have been stitched into a quilt.

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