Fundraising Cycle In Sweden 2009: Local Participants

Fundraising cycle in Sweden

A number of local participants from Navan Road Club will be taking part in the Aisling Group Nordic Cycle which kicks off in Stockholm,
Sweden, from 23rd to 27th September. All funds raised will go towards supporting the award-winning Navan-based charity’s work in drug prevention, recovery, training/education and healthy lifestyle skills and policies. She said she was aware of the great work done by the club with young budding cyclists who will be the future generation and the roots of future cycling. “Virtually all grant streams are frozen regarding charities in the present economic climate and, whilst Ireland has one of the highest rates of drug use in Europe, the funding needs to be available for the Aisling Group to help stem the flow of suffering and death caused in its wake. Much of this could be avoided. We believe having a club with a social conscience provides a healthy environment which helps young people grow to their full potential,” she added. Aisling has forged a bond with Sweden over many years and the upcoming cycling event provides an opportunity for the group to link the Navan Road Club with a country which has the lowest rate of drug use in Europe and get to share some ideas. Anyone interested in taking part should contact (046) 907 4300, Marie on (087) 672 8197 or The charity says it is planning a very interesting cycling event in Australia in 2010. Post a comment For your convenience, you can now register with our website (which will save you from having to retype your name each time you post a comment). If you would like to do this (or have already!) then please
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