Gala of Hope: 15 Years Strong

Join us in celebrating 15 years of resilience, progress, and unwavering commitment to defeating cancer together.

In the face of cancer, individuals and families endure an emotional journey, highlighting the urgent need for collective action. These diseases impact real lives, demanding our attention and empathy. Each person touched by cancer has a unique story, creating a mosaic of resilience and hope. By addressing this challenge together, we can build a future where cancer is met with compassion and effective solutions.

Stepping up to the challenge, TargetCancer Foundation stands as a beacon of support and innovation in the fight against cancer. Committed to improving outcomes and advancing research, this charity empowers individuals facing the formidable adversary of cancer. With a focus on rare cancers, TargetCancer Foundation brings a personalized touch to each battle, emphasizing the importance of understanding and addressing the diverse faces of this disease.

Embarking on a celebratory journey, TargetCancer Foundation invites you to join their 15th Anniversary Gala, a poignant occasion uniting hearts in the fight against cancer. This milestone event promises an unforgettable evening filled with hope, inspiration, and collective determination to make a difference. Here are the details for this significant celebration, an opportunity to contribute to a future where cancer is a conquerable foe.

We invite you to celebrate this special milestone anniversary with us on Thursday, April 4, 2024, at the State Room in Boston!

The Gala is TargetCancer Foundation’s primary annual fundraiser and community awareness event, uniting over 300 supporters, patients, caregivers, researchers, and advocacy partners around the common goal of raising awareness and funds for rare cancer research and patient support.

The evening will feature a cocktail reception, silent auction, and other exciting elements to be announced.

Seize the opportunity to be part of this impactful celebration by registering for the 15th Anniversary Gala today. Your participation fuels our mission to make strides in the battle against cancer.

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Target Cancer Foundation
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