Ganakas Overcomes Stage Fright For Izzo 2009: Former Michigan

Ganakas overcomes stage fright for Izzo

Former Michigan State basketball coach Gus Ganakas makes his living speaking to thousands of people.
“My dad was so nervous, you have no idea,” said Greg Ganakas, an acclaimed Broadway director who wrote a role for his father. “He was back there looking at the lines and was frightened that he hadn’t memorized them. And then I leaned over and said to him, ‘Dad, it’s not worth it. It has to be an evening of fun.’ ” Everything went off without a hitch. Fans will be allowed back in Mexican soccer stadiums this weekend, but concern about the swine flu has led to some interesting precautions: • Every other seat and every other row will remain empty. (Families exempt.) • Fans must wear face masks, wash their hands when entering the stadium and walk to their seats in single file. • And fans will be quizzed about their health as they enter.
• The Dolphins are renaming their home Landshark Stadium as part of a partnership with Jimmy Buffett, whose Margaritaville enterprise includes Landshark Lager. Buffett will perform a song inspired by the Fins at an event tonight.

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