GERARD WHATELEY The Flame You Invite Home Tonight Mightnt Leave 2009: Gerard Whateley

GERARD WHATELEY The flame you invite home tonight mightnt leave

GERARD WHATELEY: The flame you invite home tonight mightn’t leave THERE is no action without consequence tonight.
It’s not St Kilda versus Collingwood. It’s a large-scale social experiment. Monday Night Football is the AFL’s Everest. They might climb it simply because it’s there. It’s the same with Good Friday. Clubs, including Geelong, can see an opportunity to showcase their brand. To create a revenue spike. To own an event. To hustle in on a day largely untouched by modern consumerism. Regardless of your religious persuasion Good Friday has a rhythm unlike any other. It’s a profoundly quiet day. A day for family and friends. A day of charity. A day of awful TV, but a worthy cause. Of course you could play footy on Good Friday at dusk and people would come. I’m sure it would start out with a respectful intent. Even increase the funds to the Royal Childrens Hospital. The precedent being used by advocates is Anzac Day.
How timely. With the experience of three weeks ago it can be argued football has strayed dangerously close to a threshold between appropriate commemoration and crass exploitation.

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