Get Involved With CafeSmart

Get Involved with CafeSmart

With CafeSmart 2014 – put the 8th of Augustin your diary now! As of today, we have 338 (a record number) community minded cafes signed up to participate. Our target for CafeSmart this year is $100,000 and in this newsletter we share some ideas as to how you can help us get there. You will also see that CafeSmart is looking all bright and smart – all due to the great support of the team atClear Design.

This month isHomeless Persons Week.We purposefully run CafeSmart during this weekto help shine a light on the serious issue of homelessness. Anumber of recent street counts have recorded more people sleeping rough on our streets. This is a worrying trend which could be accelerated ifnew policies around a reduction in youth support are implemented. We have also recently seenclosures of specialist women’s services in Sydney. At the same time there is a complete lack of national discussion of how to tackle homelessness in our communities.This is deeply troubling. This years Homeless Persons Week message is’Homelessness: we can’t afford to ignore it’tohighlightthe true personal and community cost of allowing homelessness to effect so many people.
ThroughCafeSmart we have 325 small businesses playing their part to take action against homelessness and we hope you’ll get involved.

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