GSOC Challenge Cup 2023

Ignite your spirit at GSOC Challenge Cup 2023!

Girl Scouting is a transformative movement that empowers young girls and instills in them a lifelong commitment to leadership, community service, and personal growth. Founded by Juliette Gordon Low in 1912, Girl Scouting has since evolved into a global phenomenon, touching the lives of millions of girls worldwide. With its core values of courage, confidence, and character, Girl Scouting offers a supportive environment where girls can develop critical life skills, cultivate friendships, and explore a diverse range of interests. Through a vast array of activities, badges, and projects, Girl Scouts learn to navigate challenges, advocate for themselves and others, and become catalysts for positive change in their communities. This introduction merely scratches the surface of the profound impact that Girl Scouting has on shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.

Within the world of Girl Scouting, Girl Scouts of Orange County stands as a shining example of dedication and empowerment. As one of the premier Girl Scout councils in the United States, they are committed to nurturing the potential of girls and providing them with transformative experiences. Through a wide range of programs, events, and initiatives, Girl Scouts of Orange County creates a vibrant community where girls can thrive and make a difference. They offer a rich tapestry of opportunities, including outdoor adventures, STEM activities, leadership development, and community service projects. With a focus on inclusivity and diversity, Girl Scouts of Orange County ensures that girls from all backgrounds have access to these life-changing experiences, fostering a strong sense of belonging and camaraderie.

One of the exciting events hosted by Girl Scouts of Orange County is the highly anticipated GSOC Challenge Cup 2023. This annual competition brings together Girl Scouts from across the county to showcase their skills, teamwork, and creativity in a series of engaging challenges and activities.

This new Girl Scouts of Orange County event is an exclusive experience that captures the spirit of Girl Scouting and adventure. Teams, four adults and one older Girl Scout (Senior/Ambassador, 9th – 12th grade), will compete in an afternoon of fun-filled, Girl Scout inspired challenges based on the four-program pillars (Outdoors, STEM, Life Skills and Entrepreneurship). The afternoon will culminate in a luau buffet and awards presentation.

Join the excitement! Discover GSOC Challenge Cup 2023 and support Girl Scouts of Orange County today.

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Girl Scouts of Orange County
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1131 Back Bay Dr, Newport Beach, CA 92660, USA
Newport NewsCA
United States
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