Hahns Make It A Family Affair 2009: Mike Hahn

Hahns make it a family affair

Mike Hahn from Port Lavaca and two of his sons received trophies at the 12th annual charity pporting clay shoot hosted by the Victoria
Rotary Club and the Boys & Girls Club of Victoria on April 25-26. Mike won the High Over All (HOA) by breaking 47 of 50 targets. Matthew Hahn won the Youth Class with a score of 44, while his younger brother Colton, was close behind with 42. Mike Hessong captured the second-place trophy in the AA Class by hitting 46 of 50 targets. The other class trophies were determined with a shoot-off in each class. Port Neches’ Richard Malone won the A Class (to shoot in the A Class shooters had to break between 39 and 45 targets) after scoring a 43 in the classification shoot. Class A second place went to Jason Brannan who scored 45 to get in the shoot-off. Duane Muncrief won the Class B shoot-off after qualifying with a 36. The Class B second-place trophy went to Danny Posey from Buna whose 38 placed him in this class. Bill Sherrod received the Class C first-place trophy and Ralph Seidel followed him in the shoot-off to win the second place honor. A total of 116 shooters turned in scorecards. Eight of those were in the youth class. Scores can be reviewed on the Victoria Rotary Club website, http://www.victoriarotary.org/shoot.htm.
The event raised money for the Victoria Rotary Club and the Boys & Girls Club of Victoria. The event is held every year on the last weekend in April.

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