Halo Tournament Kidney Transplant

Halo Videogame Tournament to Raise Money for Kidney Transplant


A tournament of the popular Xbox 360 videogame, Halo 3, has been arranged to raise money to cover the costs of Kidney Transplant Surgery and aftercare for a 20-year-old Floridian Woman.
Known on-line as RagingJellyBean, Jessica Harder has suffered from various health complaints throughout her life, two open-heart surgeries before the age of 3, a kidney transplant at the age of 12, and four strokes.
Her transplanted kidney has failed and, until she receives a new one, she will require require regular dialysis to clean her blood.
Gaming4Others are organising the charity Halo Tournament in conjunction with Femmes Fatals, RJB’s Halo Clan money raised will finance the costs not covered by Medicare/Medicaid, such as prescription fees, that Harder must come up with before she can be deemed eligible for a new kidney transplant.

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