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Having a Piggin Ball at Da Vincis

Life’s been piggin’ peachy for Proprietors, Dennis Christian, AKA TKO Radio Station’s DC, and Partner, Greta, since they took over the running of ‘Da
Vinci’s’ Restaurant at Lakeside, San Luis in March. They have already transformed the Da Vinci’s into a friendly meeting place and haven of entertainment for residents, with something going on almost every night of the week. Tuesday is Quiz Night with an exciting rollover jackpot. Wednesdays and Saturdays bring karaoke, hosted by the man himself, DC. Da Vinci’s will soon be introducing a Jazz Session to its entertainment schedule for one afternoon per week. Food is served throughout the day, with the menu including a feast of home cooked daily specials, hearty all day breakfasts and Sunday lunches. THEME NIGHTS Da Vinci’s is also planning to serve up a number of special charity events and theme nights, including an evening of secrecy and suspense to spice up a hen night, or provide something a little bit different for a social club meeting, corporate event or team building exercise. Da Vinci’s is also looking forward to a hilarious night of farmyard fun. Pig Racing is rapidly making greyhound and horse racing a thing of the past, doubling up as a whacky night out and a simple way to raise funds for your business or nominated charity, club, school or society. (No animals are exploited or harmed in the process: they rely wholly on battery power to make them trot! The plastic pigs are incredibly authentic, right down to the characteristic ‘oink’ noises and moving noses and tails!) PIG RACE The Da Vinci’s ‘Farmyard Fun Pig Run’ will take place on Saturday 16th May at 16:00. A bouncy castle will keep the kids entertained and a number of guest entertainers will perform during the afternoon before wagers are taken and the big race gets underway.
So for a day that’s piggin’ special in every way, be sure to be among the crowds at the Da Vinci’s Farmyard Fun Pig Run. For further information or to contribute a prize, please contact Dennis on 616 169 642 or Greta on 626 645 850.

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