Heartfelt Strides: SiMBA’s Journey at Edinburgh Marathon Festival 2024

Run with heart, heal souls: Edinburgh Marathon Festival 2024 awaits you!

Navigating the profound grief of losing a child poses immense challenges for bereaved parents. Coping with this heart-wrenching experience demands support, understanding, and compassionate resources to help them find solace on their healing journey.

In the face of unimaginable loss for bereaved parents, Simpson’s Memory Box Appeal (SiMBA) emerges as a beacon of support. The charity diligently addresses the challenge by providing memory boxes, offering tangible keepsakes and emotional comfort, ensuring that grieving parents find solace and precious memories to cherish amid their sorrow. SiMBA stands committed to supporting those navigating the intricate and delicate path of bereavement, turning pain into a heartfelt legacy.

Continuing their steadfast commitment, SiMBA extends their support to grieving parents by participating in the upcoming Edinburgh Marathon Festival 2024. The charity’s engagement in this event echoes their dedication to raising awareness and funds, ensuring that more families receive the invaluable assistance provided through memory boxes. SiMBA strives to make a meaningful impact, turning each step of the marathon into a symbol of hope for those navigating the profound challenges of bereavement.

Enjoy a fantastic all-encompassing route which takes in some of Edinburgh’s most iconic landmarks as well as offering picturesque views along the East Lothian coastline.

Run for hope, register today, and comfort bereaved parents’ healing journey.

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Simpson's Memory Box Appeal (SiMBA)
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