Heidi Klum Parenting

Heidi Klum on Responsible Parenting


In a recent controversial statement at a party in LA, Heidi Klum has put the onus on parenting, when dealing with body issues and eating disorders.
The expecting Supermodel relieved the media and film and television industries of any accountability saying, ‘you can’t look at Hollywood and blame it, you have to make up your own mind whether you want to be fit, or super skinny. You can’t blame other people. It’s your own choice and if you have children, it is up to the parent to educate your children so they are healthy and they don’t go into a direction of anorexia or obesity.’
Heidi Klum’s grand statement on parenting has truth to it, but in dealing with any issue to do with health, especially the health of children, all contributing factors should be considered and dealt with, as they all have an equally weighted impact.

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