Helping Hands Elks Tourney Aids Special Needs 2009: Numerous Golf

Helping Hands Elks Tourney Aids Special Needs

There are numerous golf tournaments held in the Sandhills each year with benefits going to children.
They’re all good. Whether the proceeds go to the Boys and Girls Homes or to the Moore Buddies or The First Tee Program, it’s money well spent. But the event being held at Southern Pines Golf Club on Saturday, June 20, is as special as they come. And it not only aids children, but some very special adults in the community as well. You want to learn firsthand what charity is all about Give Eli Jaksic a call and let him tell you how a few minutes of your time and a few bucks that you won’t even miss can make a difference in the lives of some very deserving people. If you really want to get involved, share a cup of coffee with Jaksic or one of the other committee members, Al Barnes, Steve Adams, Barbara Davis, Betty Froehlich, Lee Grant, Bill Hanley, Bob Harling, Lewis Hershey, Dom Kincaid, Dave McKenzie, Patrick Merren, Bob Miller, Frank Morris, Don Schutt and Craig Stokes. Heck, call them all up. Have a coffeefest and really get involved. Jaksic is a story in himself, but like so many people involved in helping others, he doesn’t want the focus to be on him. His job is to spread the word that it’s happening and why it’s a great idea for Moore County residents to pay attention and reach for their wallets.
Jaksic came to the Sandhills via the route so many others have taken. A resident of Canton, Ohio, the home of the Football Hall of Fame, Jacksic came to Southern Pines for the first time to play in an Elks Club golf tournament. He came, he liked it, and when he retired he came back to stay.

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