Heritage Raises Relay Funds With Hoops Game 2009: 8220this Biggest

Heritage raises Relay funds with hoops game

“This was our biggest money maker yet.
We raised $883, and we’re over our goal of $1,000,” Technology teacher Sherry Walker said April 28. Walker said students have had a variety of fundraisers to help in the fight against cancer. They had a Hershey’s Kisses contest where students paid a $1 to guess the number of Kisses in a container. They had a March Madness fundraiser where students paid $1 for chances throwing free throws in an arcade-type basketball game. They held the student/teacher basketball game and they are doing a penny/coin drive the last two weeks of school. Walker said students also plan to participate as vendors during the Relay for Life event at Maryville College at 6 p.m. on May 29. The students hope to sell S’mores and homemade ice cream at the event. “We’re trying to get our open flame/fire pit approved,” Walker said. Walker said senior Matthew McGill, 18, is a leader in the effort. McGill, a cancer survivor, plans to study to become a Pediatric oncologist. Enthusiasm for the Relay fundraisers has grown throughout the school year. “This is our first year doing it in a while but the more events we’ve had, the more students have gotten involved,” she said.
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