Hilary Swank Ambassador

Hilary Swank Pet Campaign Ambassador


Hilary Swank has become the new face and Ambassador of the Iams Home 4 the Holidays pet drive campaign.
The warm-hearted, pet-friendly two-time Academy Award winner will share her own experiences with adoption, encouraging families to adopt their own pets from animal shelters or pet rescue groups over the holiday season.
Felicity Huffman and Diane Keating have also lent their support to the campaign, voicing PSA’s.
‘I’m so proud to be working with Iams Home 4 the Holidays to help raise awareness about the importance of pet adoption. Last year, the program’s adoption goal was to get 1 million pets adopted in just three months, but this year the goal is even bigger we’re on a mission to find loving families for 1.5 million orphaned pets between Oct 1st and January 4th,’ Hilary Swank said as the new Home 4 the Holidays Ambassador.

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