Honoring Delicious

Planting a Memory Tree to commemorate the missing Family of Delicious

The Event will be attended by HRH Cedric and his Royal Consort, Princess Roxanne who will be planting a Memory Tree in the Market Place in Antananarivo.

The Memory Tree will be a Brazil nut tree to hopefully one day feed visitors to the Market. The local Council has agreed to look after and protect the tree and has the sole right to harvest the crop provided it
is offered free, a handful per monkey, lemur or person, adult or child. The child must be offered the nuts prechopped.
No funds required on the day. You may bring a fresh banana or similar fruit.
Bananas fresh, dry or preserved will be available to purchase on the day.
Cost is one coin of any denomination to go to the Children’s Hospital of Anantanarivo or the Lemur Preservation Fund of Madagascar. Should you not bring a coin the alternative cost is your biggest smile.
See you on the day! Please note “The Magic Forest” is a Non Profit however the Web Designer has not realised that so we are advising your donations won’t

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