Injured Parade Boys Lead Role 2009: Schoolboy Badly

Injured parade boys lead role

A schoolboy badly hurt when a motorbike crashed into the crowd during last year’s Torcher Parade in Aberdeen has been given pride of place
this year. Scott Gray, 12, was among those hurt in the annual Union Street charity event. Two teenagers who crashed the motorbike into the crowd were later detained for five years. Scott said he was honoured to be on the lead float on Saturday night. He still has a metal plate in his leg, which was broken in the crash. He said: “Last year’s accident was terrible. “The next thing I knew I was under the bike. I had a broken leg. I am getting better. I need to go in to get the metal plate removed from my leg. “But I’m looking forward to being on the lead float and putting it all behind me.”
Other spectators injured last year have also been invited to take part.

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