Iron News Man May 14th 2009 2009: Bike Portion

Iron News Man May 14th 2009

Bike portion of the Big Rock Triathlon.
5-9-09 Feeling good leading into my final week of training. One week from today will be my last run leading into the (next Friday I still have a swim and weight workout scheduled). Today will once again be an exercise in time management. Work… stay late to tape News 4 Extra… run 6-miles… get my girls from their respective after-school programs… then change and head to downtown LA to emcee a charity event. I’ll be running and gunning all afternoon! Of course, the alarm clock will come tomorrow morning at 2:30am as usual. I guess I’ll sleep when I’m dead. Ironman Journey Different races prepare me for Ironman Arizona! Triathlon Training Chris Schauble’s journey to completing his Ironman competition includes run, bike, swim, and weight training workouts. Workout 1: Run , Planned duration: 0:00 , Planned distance: 6.0 miles Run 6 miles per your Marathon Schedule. If possible, run on a rolling course with grades up to 4 percent. Focus on good form.
I plan to run mid-afternoon, around 3:30. Our weather woman says it should be pretty toasty around that time. The temp should be at least 90 degrees or so. I’ve mentioned before that doesn’t bother me. Training in the heat only prepares me for hot race days, and makes a cool race day seem easier!

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