It Starts Getting Real 2009: Mood Somber

It starts getting real

The mood was very somber in the suite after Joey’s quick dismissal.
He had missed a Student City shift for a second time and the roommates where beside themselves. They could not believe it happened and felt they did give him a proper goodbye. The entire house was upset except for Aiiiya. She felt that Joey had deserved his dismissal for everything he had put her through in the past few weeks. Christina, their supervisor for Student City, felt it was necessary to come speak to the roommates about the situation. She explained to them that Student City had already given Joey a second chance. And although they did not want to send him home, it was their rules which were thoroughly explained to Joey and everyone else. She did not want anyone taking blame for what Joey had done it was his own fault and he was sent home. Christina then began to speak to the group about the interviews they had with her when they first landed in Cancun. She said everyone in their individual Student City interviews claimed they were interested in working with a charity. This was their time to shine! The group would be working with a local charity – DIF, a charity for underprivileged children. Christina informed them that they were going to be holding an event to raise money for food, clothes, toys, washer, dryers and anything else that the charity needed. In the meantime, Emilee received her prescribed adderall for her ADHD from her mother. She said she would be much more calm from here on out. Joey was gone and Emilee was beginning to calm down, but this would not end the drama in the house – Jasmine was beginning to have her own problems. She was still very attracted to Pat, her Student City co-worker. She had been throwing herself at him for quite a while now, but he was not equally returning the feelings or actions. Jasmine coped with this rejection by drinking. Some of the roommates thought her drinking was entertaining, but Emilee thought she was being excessive. She had a few harsh words for Jasmine, and Jasmine spewed a few harsh words right back at Emilee. When Jasmine felt she had no one to turn to in the Real World suite, she called Pat. She told Pat that she was coming over, but he said it was not a good night. Jasmine became very distraught and started to cry. Finally, Pat agreed to meet her in the lobby at . He did not have great advice for her, only that she takes things way too personally, and should just sleep it off. The following morning, the roommates were all working their Student City shift together. Unfortunately they continued Joey’s trend and overslept. When they awoke, they realized that Jasmine had obviously been awake for a while and did not even bother to wake any of the roommates up. She continued to get ready, ignored everyone, and even left the suite before everyone else. Ironically, the group took alternate transportation and made it to their shift before Jasmine did. They were still late and their director was not happy. The director said that he had to report their tardiness to Christina. That evening, Christina called the suite and spoke with Aiiiya about being late for their shift. She was very disappointed by what happened, but it was time to turn things around and help the charity. Christina wanted them to treat this as their baby it was their project to succeed or fail. Everyone put their differences aside and had a touch of reality when they visited the charity the next day. Emilee, Derek and Jonna, who are all orphans, took this charity very personally. They stared in the eyes of foster children and could relate because at one point in their lives, they had been in their place. Emilee, who was by far the most emotional, referred to DIF as her wake up call. In order to raise money, the group decided they were going to hold a Mardi Gras party through Student City. The day of the party, Derek announced to the spring-breakers of Student City that they would be holding a Mardi Gras party that evening at , in which all proceeds would go to DIF. They had a great turnout for the party and raised money by handing out beads for donations. They were able to raise 112,603 pesos, close to about $11,000 (value at time of filming). The group was ecstatic from their accomplishment!
The roommates and Christina took that money to Costco the next day. They were able to buy much more than what the charity originally expected. Everyone was touched by what had just happened. The foster children were happy, the roommates were proud and the founder of the charity came out to personally thank them. A couple of the roommates hoped to continue this type of work in the future.

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