Jackalopes Assist In Raising 75000 For Local Organization 2009: Sports Themed

Jackalopes Assist in Raising 75000 for Local Organization

The sports themed event saw everyone involved wearing different costumes and sports jerseys for the evening as each waiter was responsible for raising tips
to be donated to the Casa de Amigos organization. Waiters were creative in earning their tips, charging the attendees for serving their drinks, getting silverware, delivering food, even just sitting at the tables among other things. “It was a fun night for everyone involved,” said Thinel. “Everyone seemed to enjoy the event. Waiting the tables was pretty entertaining with everyone.” Along with the efforts of the celebrity waters, there were also items sold in live and silent auctions.
“Overall it was a great experience. We all knew it was for charity so everyone was willing to do their part, but it was also a lot of fun,” added Plante.

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