Jacks Ordeal Drove Us To Run For Fun 2009: Teenager Remarkable

Jacks ordeal drove us to run for fun

A TEENAGER who made a remarkable recovery from a life- threatening virus has inspired his family to pull on their running shoes to try
to raise lots of cash for charity. Jack Gray, 13, of Braemar Road, Cleethorpes, contracted meningitis just before his second birthday. She said: “Jack got meningitis in 1998. “It was a horrible time – you just never think anything like this is going to happen to your child. “The first 24 hours after Jack was admitted to hospital were crucial – it was very touch-and-go.” Fortunately, the virus was caught early by doctors and, after a treatment of antibiotics and just a week in hospital, Jack was well on his way to recovery. Although he remembers nothing anything about his harrowing ordeal, Jack knows he had a very lucky escape.
He said: “I don’t remember being ill because I was very small, but I do appreciate how lucky I am.

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