JamaicanCanadian Charity Assists Civil Servant With Motorised 2009: Office Prime

JamaicanCanadian Charity Assists Civil Servant with Motorised

Office of the Prime Minister Jamaican/Canadian Charity Assists Civil Servant with Motorised Wheelchair Receptionist and telephone operator at the Ministry of Transport and Works,
Avis Chuck, was all smiles and exuberance on Thursday (August 21), when she received a new motorised wheelchair, courtesy of the Jamaica Visionaries Association of Canada. “I feel glad, I feel good great,” Miss Chuck uttered, during the brief handing over ceremony at the Ministry’s Maxfield Avenue office, Kingston. After securing herself with the seatbelt, Miss Chuck tested out the device, driving it around the conference room, much to the delight of her colleagues gathered for the event. A member of staff at the Ministry for the past 14 years, Miss Chuck told JIS News that she was grateful for the gift. She said the new chair will help her to move around easier with the mere touch of a button, making her work much more manageable. “(It will) ease the pressure off (my) hands, because I cannot move that fast. I appreciate it because just touching the button, I will go faster,” she said.
Born with a deformity of the hands and legs,’Chucky’, as she is affectionately known by co-workers, does not let her disability hamper her ability to carry out her duties.

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