Janelle Monae Performs At Hudson Hotel A Thousand Faces 1 Tux 2009: Tuesday Janelle

Janelle Monae Performs at Hudson Hotel a Thousand Faces 1 Tux

On Tuesday night, Janelle Monae performed in NYC at a Giant Step/Charity Water event in one of the luxurious spaces of the .
Not for nothing, but it seems like she’s been sporting that female tux since her debut. Even after signing to Bad Boy. You’d think the ‘machine’ would spin into operation and she’d be Janelle x 10. I’m talking a stylist. She’s got the looks. I’d say Lauren-esque. Then again, maybe that’s what she’s avoiding. L. Boogie says those days of magazine spreads and being fashionable were the worst days of her life. Regardless, someone may want to let Janelle Monae know that it’s okay to change clothes every now and then. Her offbeat/same choice of threads decision could be partially responsible for why she hasn’t really sparked in popularity/sales. Image is heavy when determining success. She’s got a bag of funny faces though.

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